Keyboard equivalents

Cue access
Cues can be accessed with the letter keys on the computer keyboard (A, S, D, F, etc.). Both shifted and unshifted keys are used to access the 60 cues per page

Cue editing
Copy cue = CTRL+C
Paste cue = CTRL+V
Delete cue = CTRL+X

All laser output will be stopped by pressing the ESC key.
(Note: This is a convenience feature and should NOT
be relied upon for safety features such as laser emergency stop.)

PAUSE mode is activated by pressing the PAUSE (break) key

Page access
Pages (cue tabs) may be assigned to Function keys F1 through F12

Beat-related keys
Tapping the SPACEBAR will generate beats and also adjust the speed of the timer. Pressing the BACKSPACE key will generate a beat and will re-synchronize the timer.

Virtual MIDI Keyboard
The Virtual MIDI Keyboard is shown or hidden each time CTRL+SHIFT+M is pressed. This graphic of a piano-style keyboard visually illustrates the mapping between cues and MIDI keys. (Pressing a cue can trigger a MIDI key; similarly, pressing a key on an external MIDI keyboard can trigger a cue).

Invert rotation speed
You can invert the rotation speed by pressing "`" or "~" (shifted or unshifted tilde key -- right below the ESC key).