Work in the background

With other laser systems, as you click cues and change controls, your work is updated live to the laser. The audience sees every move you make – even when you don’t want them to.

QuickShow is much smarter. You can work in the background, setting up cues and trying out different looks. Nothing is sent to the laser until you click the “Show it now” button.

How background creation works

For example, let’s say you are projecting a beer mug...

Preview window: beer mug image

... and you want to add some scrolling text advertising a “Drink special”. Call up the QuickText tab and type in the words:

QuickText tools

Try out different looks and colors. You’ll see the text scroll and animate on the computer screen; the audience continues to see only the beer mug. We call this “background creation.” When you are satisfied, click “Show it now”. Your desired text now scrolls across the screen:

Preview window: beer mug image plus scrolling text

Thanks to background creation, it looks perfect as soon as it appears.