Control your shows using a variety of interfaces

Control QuickShow with a mouse
QuickShow can be run using just one hand, if you need your other hand free to adjust lights (or hold a drink!).

Control QuickShow with a keyboard
Press a key to switch cues on the beat of the music. There are 60 instant cues per screen (3 rows of 10 keys, each shifted or unshifted).

Control QuickShow with a touchscreen
QuickShow is specifically designed with large cues and controls, for fingertip use on touchscreen notebooks and monitors.

Control QuickShow with a MIDI controller
MIDI controller
Prefer to use a keyboard or other MIDI controller? You can map MIDI keys to cues and controls.

Control QuickShow with DMX (and output DMX commands)
DMX console
Just like MIDI, you can map DMX channels to display cues and change controls. (Requires a USB DMX interface; Pangolin recommends the Enttec DMX USB Pro.)
Music beat
Let your music control the lasers. Automatically makes the laser follow the beat of the music with Virtual LJ.